Jan 19, 2010

Should Dale Earnhardt JR Drive The # 3

Should Dale Earnhardt JR drive the #3 car, i think so.

For a long time i thought no, he should keep his identity as the #88. Just like his grandfather Ralph Earnhardt was known for the #8 and his father Dale Earnhardt SR was known for the #3 Dale Earnhardt JR would be known for the #88.

When you look back Dale Earnhardt SR drove the #8 in the beginning of his career in respect for his father. Earnhart JR drove the #8 after his grandfather so why not drive the #3 after his father. I my self being a big Dale Earnhardt SR fan would love seeing that #3 going around the track. I think most fans would like to see it to.

The #3 is coming back to one of Nascars top series in 2010. For the first time since Dale Earnhardt SR tragic death on the last lap of the Daytona 500 in 2001 the #3 will be back in Nascar. It will be on the side of Richard Childress racing truck in the Camping World Truck Series driven by Austion Dillon.

I hear people saying that JR can't have the number 3 because Richard Childress owns it. Some people think Childress retired the number 3, but it's not his number to retire it's Nascar's. As far as i know i have not heard any thing about Nascar retiring the number 3.

An other thing about the #88 when i think of the #88 i think of Dale Jarrett and all the years and the championship he got with that car number.

So yes i would like to see the #3 in the Sprint Cup Series being driven by Dale Earnhardt JR.

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