Jan 20, 2010

Stewart-Hass Racing A Look in to The Future!!

A look ahead to 2011 season for Tony Stewarts race team. Before the 2010 season has even got started, the buzz going around is will Stewart-Hass Racing have a 3rd race team next year.

Every thing is pointing to a 3rd team for the 2011 season. Stewart-Hass Racing had six cars on display for the media tour and they all had Bass Pro Shop logos on them. Bass Pro Shop contract with the Earnhardt-Ganassi Racing to be on the #1 car driven by Jamie McMurray runs out at the end of the 2010 season.

Tony Stewart and Bass Pro Shop have had alliances before in other forms of racing. I expect to see Bass Pro Shop on a car owned by Stewart-Hass racing for the 2011 season. But will it be a 3rd car.

Tony Stewart announced that he will be providing a pit crew team for the TRG MotorSports Team with Bobby Labonte as the driver. That looks to me like it's going to be a hole season of good practice for the new pit crew team getting ready for the 3rd Stewart car for the 2011 season.

There will be a lot of good drivers available come 2011. But two drivers that stick out to me and will be available come the end of the 2010 season. (Kevin Harvick) (Kasey Kahne).

Kevin Harvick has hinted that after the 2010 season he would be leaving RCR. Stewart has driven Harvick's Nation Wide car in the past so i could see stewart hiring him to drive his 3rd car.

Kasey Kahne will be available at the end of the 2010 season. His contract expires with Richard Petty MotorSports and Kahne and Stewart are old dirt racing buddy's. Kahne come's from the same racing back ground as Stewart and his racing team mate Ryan Newman.

If i was making the pick for Stewart i would pick Kahne over Harvick. Harvick is to high strung and i could see him and Stewart butting heads somewhere down the road. Kahne is a good driver that has not really had the equipment to prove himself. Kahne would have the equipment to make a good run at the championship. I think Stewart, Kahne, and Newman would make a great team. Maybe even give Hendricks a run for there money.

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