Jan 22, 2010

NASCAR CEO Brain France Want's To See More Contact!

I watched the press conference on Speed yesterday. It was held at the NASCAR R&D Center. NASCAR was openly encouraging increased aggression by Its Drivers for the 2010 season. If they stick to what they were saying we should be in for an exciting season this year.

NASCAR CEO Brain France started off saying “This is a contact sport, This is the best racing in the world.” France then said “We have an eye on putting things back in the driver’s hands. We’re going to loosen up.” Then France repeated his opening remarks “We want to see more contact. This is a contact sport.”

NASCAR President Mike Helton said that NASCAR was encouraging the characters of the sport to show their personality. Hilton didn't exactly say how far the drivers were allowed to go. He said “ doesn't mean you get a free pass out of jail.”

When Mike Helton was asked So is NASCAR putting the show over safety in promoting their racing as a contact sport? Helton's response was “NASCAR racing from day one has always been highly competitive,” He then went on to say “If you ain’t rubbin’ – you ain’t racin’.” “These cars are safer than 5years ago.”

Sprint Cup Director John Darby said “Obviously the racing is going to get more exciting,” “So drivers, put your big boy pants on, pull those belts a little tighter, make sure that helmet is strapped on tight, and hold on. This is going to be a wild ride.

Vice President of Competion Robin Pemberton said “Boys, have at it, and have a good time.”When he was speaking about NASCAR's abolition of a rule prohibiting bump-drafting on restrictor-plate tracks, but it will come to embody the spirit of a renewed “back-to-basics” initiative in which drivers are encouraged to be themselves and police themselves to a point.

So we will have to see how long NASCAR lets the drivers police themselves, before stepping back in, and taking the sport back over. Making the drivers act the way they want them too.

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