Jan 22, 2010

NASCAR Rule Changes For The 2010 Season

NASCAR announced at there press conference that they would be doing away with the wing thats been on the car since 2007. They will be going back to the spoiler that will be given the car a tradional stock car look again.

They announced there would be a open test, for the cars with the spoilers on them. The test will be held at Charlotte Motor Speedway on March 23 & 24. After that NASCAR would decide when the implement of the spoiler will be made based on teams input.

Now NASCAR needs to get rid of that splitter on the front of the car. Brian France indicated that was a possibility. “The front end is something we are looking at,” said France.

NASCAR also announced that they were eliminating the restrictions on bump drafting at Daytona and Taladega. This should make restrictor plate races a lot better then what we seen in the fall race at Taladega. where we seen a lot of single file racing through out the race. The drivers will be back to racing instead of worried about getting penalized for bumping drafting in the wrong part of the track.

The opening of the restrictor plates will be increased to 63/64". They haven't had an opening that big since 1989. So why did NASCAR decide to give teams the bigger restrictor plate? Robin Pemberton said we felt like it was important to give the drivers a little more horsepower – a little more throttle response.” He also said that they had built more drag into the car so they could give the drivers more horse power.

They din't do away with the no passing below the double yellow line rule like was expected. As i said in a earlier post i didn't know if that would be a good idea. Nascar said at least 70% of the drivers that they talked to, were not in favor of doing away with that rule. NASCAR said that they were still looking into it.

Bruton Smith the chairman of Speedway Motorsports Inc has a few more ideas of his own for NASCAR.

He wants to make winning paramount. Give the winner a whole lot more money than the runner up. Nobody cares who finishes second, he said. And fans especially hate it when drivers don’t go all out to win in order to preserve their points standing.

He also wants to eliminate the start-and-park teams that spend as little as possible, show up for qualifying, start the race and then park their cars after a few laps. They do this because even last place pays enough money to make it lucrative.

Smith called it “a disgrace to our sport.”

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