Jan 17, 2010

Speeds Steve Byrnes Goes to NFL Today Show!

I watch NFL talk shows to get news and rumors on the football teams and the season. When i watch any NFL talk shows that is what i get from the shows. They don't talk about Nascar.

When i put on a nascar talk show that is what i expect, conversation about Nascar. I don't expect to hear talk about football.

Well if you put on a Nascar talk show on Speed TV and Steve Byrnes is on it you are going to hear about football. Every time i watch a show with Byrnes on it i know the conversation is going to turn to football. It drives me crazy because the show has a limited amount of time to be on and he is waisting it talking about football.

I watched the Live 2010 at Daytona shows on Fri. and Sat. Friday when i put on the show and i seen Byrnes was on it i new Football would be brought up a couple times. I was right, both days in the middle of talking about Nascar related stuff he would change the conversation to Football.

The thing yesterday with him talking about Football is. At the same time he was talking Football on a Nascar show, There was a NFL pregame show on. So if i wanted to hear about Football i would have changed the channel. I had it on speed channel to hear Nascar talk from Daytona.

I'm not the only one that thinks this way, because I've seen people complaining on forums about him talking football. I would think the people at Speed TV would tell Byrnes to stick to Nascar talk, that is what he is getting paid to do.

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