Jan 16, 2010

Nascar Going in The Right Direction!

Coming Jan 21 Nascar is to announce some new rule changes for 2010 season.

Rumors of some of the rule changes going around. Is that Nascar is going to do away with the wing and go back to the spoiler. At the restrictor plate tracks (Daytona & Taladega) they will be doing away with the (no bump drafting rule),(the yellow line rule)and giving the teams a bigger restrictor plate.

Doing away with the wing. I have thought from the beginning of the COT car, that wings don't belong on stock cars, they belong on open wheel cars. I guess all the team got a notice from nascar that there will be a test for the COT car with a spoiler on it at Charlotte in March. Soon after that they will be going back to the spoiler and doing away with the wing. That's the way the cars should look.

Doing away with the Bump Drafting in the corner rule at Super Speedways. Now that's a good rule to do away with. Let the the drivers race, that is what there for. They don't need Nascar telling them when they can bump draft and when they cant. Let the drivers police that on there own. Look what happened when Nascar said they would penalize a driver for bump drafting in the corners. We had a race that looked like a freight train going around.

Doing away with the no going below the double yellow line at the Super Speedways. I don't know about doing away with this rule all together. They definitely need to do away with it on the last lap. When they get the white flag it should be all goes. Let the drivers go through the grass if they think they they can win the race that way. Drivers should be able to do what it takes to win the race.

Look what what happened to Carl Edwards and Kyle Busch last year on the last lap, all because of the no going below the yellow line. If not for that yellow line rule Regan Smith wins his first Sprint Cup Race at Talladega. Witch i still say he won not Tony Stewart.

The only thing with doing away with the yellow line rule all together. Is that with all that new hot top on the back stretches, you will see the drivers almost in the infield on the back stretch then have to go into turn 3. The recipe for disaster.

Given them a bigger restrictor plate is a good thing. Let them be able to let off the gas then get back in to it with no problems. Making it so they have to keep it full throttle all the time, because if they they let off the gas its all over because when they get back into the throttle there is no throttle response. Let the drivers control the race, Give them some horse power they can use.

Well come Jan 21st Nascar will announce there new rules for 2010. Hopefully they will get it right.

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