Jan 14, 2010

Roush Racing Big News!

The news from Roush Racing last night on the Nascar Race Hub show was that, Ricky Stenhouse JR would be driven the #16 CitiFinancial car in the Nationwide Series full time in the 2010 season.

Stenhouse said that he would by running for the rookie of the year award.
He also said that CitiFinancial would be the primary sponsor and that he was hoping to finish out the season in the top ten in the points standing.

Nascar car will be announcing some new rule changes for the 2010 season. All rumors are that on Jan.21. they will be announcing no more double yellow line rule, and that they wont be policing bump drafting at Daytona and Taladega any more. They will be putting back into the drivers hands.

The other thing that they will be announcing is, that starting at Martinsville they will be going back to the spoiler and doing away with the wing. Now that to me is a good thing, wings don't belong on stock cars they belong on open wheel cars.

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