Jan 14, 2010

I'm All For The Shorter Races!

Some of the races i think are just to long. California is one of them, but i herd last night that they will shorten the fall race to 400 miles. Now it will be called the Pepsi Max 400.

I think they should shorten the spring race also. Something about them races at the Auto Club Speedway, they just seem to drag on and on.

Pocono is an other race that they could shorten to 400 miles. I think 500 miles for that race is just to long.

Nascar says they want to save the teams money, they could look into making some of the races shorter. To me there is no reason for a 4 or 5 hour race. Look at the Nationwide and truck races that are a lot shorter
and Those races don't get dragged out lap after lap, they race from the green flag to the checkered flag.

Look at the short track races, the Camping World truck Series go 200 laps, Nationwide Series go 250 laps' and the Sprint Cup Series go 500 laps. They could easily shorten them to 400 laps. The races would be longer then the lower level series,and not to long to enjoy.

Now i'm here talking about making some of the races shorter, i herd that Phoenix is going to make there races 63 laps longer. I don't know why they would want to make it longer.

I've never been to Phoenix but i have gone to Loudon. 300 laps is just right for loudon you don't get bored in the middle of the race.

Phoenix and Loudon are very similar tracks, both 1 mile flat tracks. The Phoenix race was 312 laps or 500 Kilometers. (There not in Canada so i don't know what the Kilometer thing is).

So in my opinion the owners of Phoenix are taking a race that is just right and going to mess it all up.

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