Jan 18, 2010

NationWide has Danica The trucks Have the Cope twins!

I just seen a story about the Cope twins (Angela & Amber) are going to race a limited amount of races in the truck series. I guess they were at the arca test at Daytona and With all the hype about Danica i didn't even know they where there.

There uncle Derrike Cope just started up a new NationWide and Truck series race team called Stratus Racing Group INC. They will be driving in a limited amount of races in the Truck series. The first race that they will compete in is Martinsville. But i don't now if it will be Angela or Amber driving for they will be taking turns driving. Thats nothing new to them every thing they have raced in they have taking turns.

I don't Know they just don't look like race car drivers to me. Danica seems to have a more tougher exterior to her.

Well i do wish them the best of luck and will be watching them.

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