Jan 13, 2010

Danica Patrick on Race Hub!

I watched Danica Patrick on Nascar Race Hub last night. I thought i would be seeing Go Daddy banners all over the place where she was doing a nascar interview. But to my surprise she was standing in front of a IZOD Indy Car Series banner. I've been reading stuff that Indy Racing League was not happy with her going over to Nascar. I think Indy Racing League now have decided to use this to there advantage. I know for me its already got me more interested in checking out how she does over there. I watch the Indy 500 and thats about it when it comes to the indy cars. If she has a good weekend in a Nascar, I want to see if the TV ratings go up the next weekend in the indy car race. Well i watched last night thinking i would here some new stuff, but it was the same old questions and answers. I do get a kick out of her talking about being told to give the guy in front of her a bump. She talks like she don't now if that's a good idea but she will have to do that to be successful at Daytona. Tonight there is suppose to be news from the roush racing camp, i will have to watch and see what that news is. Back to Danica i don't know whats got in to Kyle Petty but he sure ain't in favor of Danica coming over to Nascar. I don't know if it because she has a ride and he don't but he is totally against it. Well we will see how she starts off in just over three weeks when she races in the Arca race at Daytona on feb 6th. Restricter plate races are like a crap shoot, so I'm more interested in seeing how she does when it comes to the smaller tracks. Well i wish her good luck and hope she does good. Lets get the 2010 season going.

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